sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

WTF!! Em Portugal?? Homem com 2 pénis! O_O

Juan Baptista dos Santos was a famous man. Reportedly born to normal parents said to be gypsies in Northern Portugal in 1843, Juan was given his first medical examination at the age of six months. The boy was in perfect health, but there was something... unusual about his anatomical makeup.

For one thing, he had an extra leg - a dead leg, as they called it for Juan could not move it. The extra leg was actually two limbs fused into one that would hang from the center of his pelvis. This limb did not cause Juan any physical discomfort as he simply put it in a sling and went about his business. He was even known to ride horseback with his extra leg.

Of his bodily oddities, that was Juan's least odd. It was the other oddity that made him the most famous for, in all of human history, Juan Baptista dos Santos is the only man ever on record as having two penises.

Not only two penises, but three testicles as well. The amazing thing about Juan's dual members was that both were fully functional. He could urinate out of both of them, bring both to full erection, and - ahem - service the fairer sex with both of them.

Juan's sexual appetite was said to be quite legendary. It was even rumored that after climaxing with one penis, he would continue with the other - eventually coming to orgasm with that one as well.

Juan was pursued by countless sideshows and offered a great deal of money to travel with them, but he chose instead to exhibit himself in medical circles only.

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  1. Muito Bom post :D É sempre bom saber um pouco da história do nosso país XD LOL

  2. a imagem debaixo visto numa perspectiva de tras e um assombro...!!!!
    sabia que em portugal havia gente que nao batia bem mas deste estilo... ponto!!!!! (coitado)

  3. Ora fodasse, ja nao bastava ter uma perna a mais, tinha tambem qe coiso ? :O