domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Nomes de Bandas Estranhos!! xD

-Adios Pantalones
-Are These My Pants?
-The Band Formerly Know As Sausage
-Big White Undies
-Brad Pitt Live and Nude
-Congratulations on Your Decision to Become A Pilot
-Damn You Peter Pan
-The Dead Bodyguards of Abraham Lincoln
-EEEEEWW! YOU'RE A GIRL! (Ui, que nojo! Toing...)
-Free Beer (Se há cerveja de borla!)
-Free Beer and Chicken (Ah, e também frango?)
-The French are From Hell (Who knew?)
-Gee That's A Large Beetle I Wonder If It's Poisonous
-God Hates Computers
-God's Girlfriend
-God, The Movie
-If Pigs Could Talk Would You Still Eat Them? (Yeah, would you??)
-James, What Are We Gonna Call Our Band?
-Kill Me
-Lick, The Dog
-My Dog Has Hitler's Brain
-My Friend Kevin
-Not Drowning, Waving (Mas só estou a acenar, nada mais!!)
-Position 69
-Rage Against The Coffee Machine
-Real Fucking Idiots (Pessoas que gostavamos de ter como amigos!)
-Say You Hate Me (I HATE YOU!)
-Sheep on Drugs (Humm..)
-Seven Minutes of Screaming (Os concertos devem ser super longos! xD)
-Shoot The Mime
-The Shower Scene from Psycho
-Three Teens Kill Four (I wonder what led to this band's name...)
-Touch Me Again and I'll Break Your Arms (Daqueles concertos que é melhor ver sentadinho...)
-Who Carries The Organ
-Zoogz Rift and His Amazing Shitheads (O apreço pelo resto dos membros da banda!)
-Zombies Under Stress (I wonder how can that be!)

Imaginem só as bandas a serem apresentadas ou chamadas ao palco! Jeesus Christ!

P.S.: Menos posts da minha parte durante esta semana...

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  1. tao mesmo espectaculares! xD as pessoas nao sabem mesmo por nomes as bandas lol