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The 27 Club

Following our morbid tone with Pop’s “Most Cursed Movie Sets” with Music we take a look at the “The 27 Club,” spotlighting the massively talented musicians who died at the “cursed age” of 27. According to legend, The Curse officially began with the death of highly influential “Crossroads” bluesman Robert Johnson, but the legend really picked up speed in the ‘70s, when Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all died at 27-years-old, and each within two years of each other. If there’s a sad lesson from all these flames who burnt out far too soon, it's definitely to stay away from drugs, kids. Unfortunately, this list could go a lot longer but here are a few of the boldest names who died far too soon, all at the ripe young age of 27.

When: September 18, 1970
Where: In girlfriend Monika Dannemann’s London flat.
How: Asphyxiated on his own vomit after red wine and sleeping pills.

When: October 4, 1970
Where: Heroin Overdose.
How: The Landmark Hotel in L.A.

When: July 3, 1971
Where: The rented Paris apartment he shared with girlfriend Pamela Courson
How: Official cause of death listed as heart failure, but heavy amounts of drugs and alcohol were involved.

Keyboardist and guitarist, leader of Badfinger
When: April 24, 1975
Where: His Surrey, England home.
How: Suicide by hanging.

When: April 5, 1994
Where: His Lake Washington home in Seattle.
How: Suicide by shotgun, with a high concentration of heroin and traces of Valium found in his system.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist for Big Star
When: December 27, 1978
Where: On the road in East Memphis.
How: Car wreck; ran into a telephone pole.

Bass guitarist for Courtney Love’s band Hole, she died the same year as Kurt Cobain
When: June 16, 1994
Where: Her apartment in Seattle.
How: Heroin overdose.

Lyricist and guitarist for Manic Street Preachers
When: February 1, 1995
Where: Last seen checking out of the Embassy Hotel in Bayswater Road, London.
How: Disappeared; officially presumed dead November 23, 2008.

Rolling Stones founder and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist.
When: July 3, 1969
Where: His swimming pool at Cotchford Farm, Sussex, England.
How: Officially he drowned, but some suspect foul play.

Founding member, keyboardist and singer of the Grateful Dead, friend and lover of Janis Joplin
When: March 8, 1973
Where: At his home in Corte Madera, CA.
How: Gastrointestinal hemorrhage associated with alcoholism.
Drummer for Echo & the Bunnymen
When: June 14, 1989
Where: On the road from Liverpool to London.
How: Motorcycle accident.

When: August 16, 1938
Where: Near Greenwood, Mississippi.
How: Allegedly poisoned by a bottle of whiskey laced with strychnine (but it remains and unsolved mystery).

Bassist for punk band The Stooges
When: February 10, 1975
Where: In an Ann Arbor, MI, hospital.
How: Pulmonary edema related to alcohol abuse.
When: August 12, 1988
Where: His N.Y.C. studio.
How: Heroin overdose.

Se quiserem saber + basta irem a página do wikipédia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club

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